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In May of 2018, Aaron purchased his dream car - a Tesla Model 3. After following Tesla for years, and being one of the first Model 3 deliveries in Cincinnati, Aaron knew he had to share the knowledge and pleasure of driving a Tesla with the world, so he listed his Model 3 on Turo.

Janice, the original silver Model 3, stayed busy in 2018 as the only Model 3 available to rent on Turo in the Cincinnati area, so logically Aaron decided he needed to buy another Model 3 - this time for PERSONAL USE. Well... that lasted as long as it took for a returning customer to request an overlapping rental, so the second Model 3 ended up on Turo, too. This pattern repeated itself a few more times through 2019 until Aaron had a small fleet of Teslas.


In December of 2018, when Aaron was considering purchasing the second Model 3, he bumped into Lana at the Tesla store in Cincinnati, where she worked at the time. Aaron and Lana recognized each other as acquaintances from middle and high school and began catching up on each other's lives over the next several months. Lana and Aaron officially teamed up in life and business in July of 2019, and incorporated EVentures LLC in November of 2019 after realizing they wanted to keep expanding their joint passion for Teslas in this niche market. 

A normally slow winter in early 2020 turned into uncertainty on what was to come with the novel coronavirus. Travel halted, businesses shut down, nobody was renting cars. All that changed in late spring of 2020. The big box rental car companies had been selling off their fleets, but once restrictions started to lift, there was now more demand for rental cars than supply. In the wave of the busy season, Aaron and Lana picked up six more cars, doubling their fleet size by the end of June 2020. Still operating out of the house with now twelve cars just wasn't going to work, so they quickly looked for a space that would suit their needs and settled on 5207 Madison Road in Madisonville in August 2020. 
To be continued...


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