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Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Cabin Air Filters in Your Lucid Air

Me to Google: "How to change Lucid Air air filter"

Google: Did you mean Lucid air filter?

While the Lucid Air is still a very new and amazing vehicle that surely many of its owners take good care not to smoke in, eventually all cabin air filters need replaced! In fact, Lucid recommends they be replaced at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Lucid Air Owner's Manual Page 161
Lucid Air Owner's Manual Page 161

When searching online we found the information about their replacement to be sparse, so we got to tinkering.

There are two sets of air filters present in the first versions of the Lucid Air Sedan. The first and most critical set of 3 filters is under the hood.

Start by popping the hood open from the screen and turning off all cabin climate control. We recommend leaving one of the doors cracked open so that the climate control is not accidentally triggered while work is being performed.

The first piece of protective plastic around the front trunk opening comes off with relative ease. No tools required. Carefully work from back to front around each edge to pull the plastic tabs out of the metal clips. This is much less easy to put back on, but that's a problem for later.

Before going much further, gather the following tools:

  1. Torx T20 driver

  2. Plastic pry tool

  3. Something sharp and pointy (such as an o-ring pick).

If your climate control was set to allow outside air in, you'll be able to visually inspect your filters already and perhaps even reach a vacuum hose in there if you see any leaves or debris. If your climate control was set to recirculate, these louvres will be closed.

The next step is to remove the plastic shroud surrounding the louvres/intake. To do this you'll first need to remove a total of 12 plastic push clips. The 8 larger clips are indicated in blue and the 4 smaller are in red in the following image. Be careful on the smaller clips as we found them to be much snugger and broke one getting it out.

The fireman's cut loop is fastened to the front of this plastic as well and slides off its holster rather than needing to pull the whole clip away from the plastic shroud. Watch the video for an explanation.

The final fastener keeping us from accessing the filters is a Torx T20 screw on the right (driver's side) of the air intake. There are 5 off to the left but they are NOT necessary to remove and only hold the cover on to seal up the louvre motor. We've included a photo below in case you were curious.

There's an air sensor just above this Torx T20 screw that rotates counterclockwise out of its socket. Remove the sensor (but leave it plugged in) to prevent the attached cable from getting yanked.

Alas, the smelly filters. Part number is Mahle LAK 1590

Next time you're traveling to the Cincinnati/Dayton, OH area and missing your Lucid back at home, don't hesitate to contact us at EVentures Rentals and we'll set you up with one of ours while you're in town!

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